About us

About Ezdhar Umrah

Our vision is to offer the best service to our customers at competitive prices, allowing all categories of the market to benefit from the services of various hotel sectors with highest quality. .

- Develop the Services of the visitors and mutamers by providing distinguishable services in the fields of Transportations,Catering, tourism services and Hotels

-Develop the constructions of camps and tents in the Holy areas in accordance with piligrams comfort

- Qualified , well trained work team provides all service to our customers.
- Attract the qualified Employees in the Saudi Arabian labour market to increase the members of El-Ezdehar Al –Arabi team

Develop the work mechanism and provide the best services to the visitors and mutamers at premium rates through a highly qualified, trained and competent team

Al-Ezdehar Al-Arabi was established in 1429 , for General Trading ,the construction of Camps , providing all services required to visitors and mutamers and transportations .
The institutions was licensed by the Ministry of Hajj in 20/6/1436 license No. 1180